Kinda review I like.

I just happened upon this review of Honey Badgers from a 13 year old girl in British Colombia. It was a favorable review which I am grateful for–but it also meant very much to me that this girl found the book worthy enough for review. It’s cool when kids react to your work!
Book provides beauty in nonsense
Honey Badgers by Jamison Odone, Front Street, ISBN 978-1-932425-51-2, 30 pg.

Reviewed by Lindsey, age 13.

In this random land of autumn and nonsense, a young boy describes his odd but enjoyable life with two badgers, Maurice and June.

The young boy is discovered in a basket on top of a rock and, years later, enjoys eating flowers, sleeping in his den and playing with the vegetation around the stream.

This book makes absolutely no sense and that is probably why I fell deeply in love with it.

The gentle illustrations convey the warmth of the parents and the sprightly youth of the child.

The words are simple, with only a sentence or two on each page but the slow, gentle meanderings through a simple world, are really all one needs to relax.

A good book sparks the imagination and makes you think, just like this one. You can motor through the book or you can really take the time to get into it. Relish the details in each framed picture, imagine yourself in the heat of the cozy den, think of running wild and free through the grasses and fronds, drinking from a clear stream with a boat floating all by its lonesome.

A short review for a short book that should be cherished for a long time in the hearts and imaginations of little ones.

I give Honey Badgers, a whimsical little picture book, five stars.

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