Illustrations, Drawings, Paintings, Sketches

Above Image is from a book concept I’ve been working on



Above art from book concept.

Various pages from The Bedtime Train

Working on a new Stickfiguratively Speaking series…involving some strange old news clippings from the the 19th and 18th century. Proposal due soon.

Various pages from Honey Badgers

alien1.jpgblacklagoon1.jpgdrinkyourmilk1.jpgwildplaceatnight1.jpgTwenty Four little drawings on graph paper. Monsters, creatures, self-portraits, and lamp posts. Hopefully these are sketches for larger paintings–now all I have to do is find the room to complete this project.drawings31.jpgdrawings1.jpgdrawings2.jpgAfter visiting Paris this summer, my mind was overtaken by so much of the place–it was a very unexpected thing. I find myself trying to incorporate much of my memories of France into some new art. I have been working on a story based upon the tale of Behemoth and Leviathan. This is a painting of Behemoth at Pere Lachaise.behomothlachaise.jpgAnother BehemothTest cover for a book dummy. I used my friend’s newborn baby Remi, as the model–Watercolor and colored pencil on boardtitlepage.jpgTitle page for a doomed project–Pen & Ink on paperbadgersinedenonl.jpgOne of the first successful color concept paintings I did for Honey Badgers. Up until this point I couldn’t get comfortable with any direction I was heading. Stealing from Albrecht Durer helped greatly! santa.jpgChristmas time cover illustration for The Ridgefield Press–ran in 2006, 2007. Pencil, Watercolor and Ink on paperpencils2.jpg This is one of my favorite compositions from the next book. I think the final painting came out well. Lots of books in the background–took some photo reference from an old farmhouse in my town.pencils1.jpg Final sketch for first page of next book–Colored pencil on trace paperSketch for Honey Badgers book jacket Final pencil sketch for Honey Badgers book jacket–colored pencil on trace paper

editing for clare


6 Responses to “Illustrations, Drawings, Paintings, Sketches”

  1. jan mcchesney Says:

    Hi Jamie:
    Took a minute to run over and check out your site…I am delighted to have met you..and enjoy your work a lot. When my great grandkids are born (yet to be determined) I will seek an autoraphed book from you..for I think your illustrations magical. We wish you the very best in your Art Career and your coming marriage to Erica. It was a pleasure to meet you both..and thank you for being a good friend to Marc.
    Colonel and Mrs Robert McChesney (Mac and Jan)

  2. lynn massey Says:

    Love your drawings!!
    Congratulations on your Alice book. I’ll have to find a copy…



  3. Mandy Lehmann Says:

    My mom & I checked out your website! It’s the bomb! We love all your little creatures & monsters!

  4. Lauren Nadler Says:

    Hi Jamison,
    Miss taking your classes. Love the web site and am still a big fan. Cheers to you! How is O doing? any more since then?

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