Jamison Odone: Artist, Illustrator, Author, Educator.

Represented by Libby Ford Illustration Agent



5 Responses to “About”

  1. Tara Says:

    I am waiting with no small amount of impatience for your second book. Here at the Long Branch Public Library children’s room I have developed a newfound respect, some would say obsession, for honey badgers. Your work is the reason I want to come to work each day. Fall 2008 can’t come quickly enough. Thank you, thank you. Tara Sullivan

  2. Lace Says:

    I just had the pleasure of perusing all your sketches, paintings, red birds and the like. And have to say, you are incredibly talented.
    ” My life is becoming a series of stories”. I think….You just may see life a bit differently than most people, and how privileged we all are to catch a glimpse of the world thru your eyes.
    Keep imagining. And get some sleep!!!

  3. Joy Cowley Says:

    Just want to say that your illustrations for “The Bedtime Train” bring me and my young friends endless pleasure. The complexity of pictorial story gives us something new to consider every time we open the book. I’ve worked with dozens of illustrators and few bring such invention and richness to a text.
    Thank you, Jamison. Your work is well loved. Joy.

  4. Sister Carol Ann Says:

    Dear Jamison,
    I’m just checking to see if baby Oliver was born yet . . . My prayers are with you and Erica.
    Sister Carol Ann

  5. 016. The Three Snake Leaves | A Grimm Project Says:

    […] illustration by Jamison Odone: https://jamisonodone.wordpress.com/about/ […]

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