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Poor Joseph: A Mini Narrative about The Elephant Man

May 9, 2015


I know I had said March for the release of Poor Joseph but I pushed it back to May…both months that begin with the letter M so I didn’t think many would notice. Afterall, it’s not the new Avengers movie…just a quiet, little book about in interesting person.

I cannot even catagorize this book. I’ve tried and put in many hours thinking about what type of book this is. Children’s book? Illustrated prose poem? Visual novella…probably too short for that. Who will read this and who will enjoy this? That’s the biggest question of all the questions but one that I do believe I have the answer to.

Some kids will enjoy this book because of the simplicity of text and the intricacy of illustrations. That being said, Some adults will enjoy this book because of the simplicity of text and the intricacy of illustrations. Same reason…bigger people. Others may just be familiar or fans of my past books and be curious without having any interest in Joseph Merrick, The Elephant Man.

So my final words as to why you should give this book a chance: It’s just plain different. I’m trying to write/draw about things that may be left-field type topics to turn into illustrated books. The work I’ve done with traditional publishers and my agent, I am very proud of. This Box Books experiment is (as I’ve stated in the past) something more for my free flowing mind and fast working hand. Here is how the book is described on amazon–so I need say no more. Enjoy!

“Poor Joseph is a mini-narrative about one of history’s most curious figures, The Elephant Man. Born in London, in 1862, Joseph Merrick displayed all of the attributes of a normal boy. It wasn’t until a few years later that his now-famous deformities began to appear. Joseph’s tragic form allowed this gentle soul to gain a sort of celebrity after many years of sideshows and hardships. Poor Joseph is meant to be a simple glimpse into the life of this man.”

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