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A Day In The Life

January 2, 2015
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Begin life:
There is no real weight or proof behind this notion I have, that I, Jamison Odone will expire in my 46th year. Silly I know. But then again, I’m 34, married to my college sweetgeart, have three sons, several books published, am a university professor, and all of these things motivate me to do MORE with my days before they lay me, neath’ the green, green, grass of home.
So here’s a typical day for me. This fellow is Max. He is almost two. His name is derived from a familliar wolf-suited character from a book my dear friend and great mentor wrote. You’ve probably heard of it and heard of him. So, Maurice here’s a message…I miss you. I’m trying to keep up with your pace. All the books that I make are because of you my friend.  You continue to inspire me and it is something that will always continue on.
Anyway back to it…coffee and drawing, I make eggs for the boys and Max tries his hardest to edit my work when I’m not looking.

Here’s another shot. Leftovers made for my by my friend and fellow BoxBookster David Ferreira.

Eggs Benedict whilst illustrating Poor Joseph(my mini Elephant Man tale due in March).

Why is this picture sideways? Well…Oliver just woke up. Next August will wake. That rounds out the three lads running around the house. Somethimes it turns things a bit sideways…in a good way of course.

When we get ourselves together we sometimes venture out into the cold to build a fort or pretend to be ninja turtles. In these moments though, my brain thinks about stories while playing with my sons. It’s always in there, just trying to get out into a sheet of paper.
Time to go give blood!! Writing/drawing materials thrown into bag just incase I actually get a free moment while the red stuff is filling a baggie, destined for some poor soul who dosen’t know they’ll be getting crazy Odone blood!

Blood Mobile on the grounds of the abandoned state mental asyum in Newtown, CT. I divide my time between my professorship in Maryland and my family in New England. Holidays are always in Connecticut at Pop Pop’s house.

I’ve been doodling these llittle notes on life everywhere I go for the past year. When I can’t sit down and make a full drawing, I make these. #therewillbeblood #letitflowletitflow #odonecards #americanredcross #whentheheckdidistarthashtagging???

Ok fastfoward through all of the dinner cooking, bath giving, teeth brushing, bedtime story reading, LIFE happening kind of stuff that has the tendancey to make people tired. It does make me tired. I have three very young sons and a career which I plan on maintaining. So at the end of(or beginning of) the night, this is what I do until I cannot hold my head up any longer–I work.
I found this small school desk at a yardsale some summers ago. I usually take it outside and write by my kid’s sandbox while they play. Tonight it’ll serve me well in the living room as we all sit around chatting(remember it’s still the holidays so there are many people not featured in these pics).
The goal of each and every one of the nights I have left on this ball of dirt is simple–make it count. Make something. Make fifty things. Make one thing. Start one thing. Fairly non-specific I know but for me, I have to do this or else I will feel the day wasted. After all of the stuff that my days are filled with, I still MUST do this or I strongly regret it.

I’m about 24 illustrations in now. Almost finished with my second BoxBook. I have a stack of tiny illustrations just waiting for their final resting place–a book. March 1st is the deadline so I’m ahead of schedule. Looks like The Elephant Man to me…no?

Some of you may have purchsed a copy of Annabel Lee through the site. I drew this book in Connecticut over my last holiday break each night whilst sat in my favorite spot, at the end of the kitchen table. I like working in the kitchen…don’t know why…proximity to food I’m guessing…
Sometime around the hours of 12:30am to 3am(usually closer to 2am) is when I call it a quits. My human alarms(Oliver, Max, and August) are all set for around 6:30am. So I get up, crack some eggs, brew some coffee, make the crew  breakfast and start the day. You can do the math on my actual hours of sleep…very few but I have to do it because…well…I’ll only get one life and I know I’ve got a good one.
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