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The sleepiness of this blog

October 23, 2014

I know it seems like I’ve died but I’ve actually just been working on lots of things. Things take time if you wish them to be just right. So much of my time has been spent…well…doing actual author/illustrator stuff. I write a ton and I draw a ton. This will be here in a few days as an online and POD(print on demand) release. Poe’s Annabel Lee illustrated by me. Not too sure where I’m deciding to take my career at the moment. Traditional publishing is something I will always do because for the most part, the publishers I have worked with have been great champions of my work in children’s literature. I do however have this other side. The side that wants to write/illustrate stories that don’t really fall into a category. Odd little things. The title of my show at The Mercurial Gallery in 2013 was Strange Little Books. That’s probably the best name for a category if there existed one.

So I think that’s all for now. More to come on these strange little books before Halloween. I’ve given myself that strange little date as a deadline for the first release. Until then, play for blood…that’s just my game.