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Project KE samples

December 22, 2012

This will most likely be the final post of 2012. Oh well, right? I feel as though this year has been a year of developing projects and working out all the nuts and bolts to a few things that could be pretty good. This is the latest sampling of that. I’ve plucked a Public Domain superhero from 1942 off of the pile and am developing him with a new origin story.


The original story has our hero killed by a German U-Boat while fishing with his grandfather. Once he dies, he is then given his specific powers and returns to Earth.  My story will take a slightly different start. The hero’s origin will start as a prisoner in KZ Dachau. I’m starting here because a few years back, I visited Dachau and have always wanted to use that experience in my work. I believe this is a perfect way to do so.


Also–the protagonist will be a self portrait. This is the only way I can be a super hero, an artist  as well as a complete narcissist, all at the same time. Happy hunting!




Sandy Hook Angel

December 16, 2012

Sandy Hook Angel