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Angels In America @ Frostburg

September 23, 2012

I was asked by my good pal Dusty Shaffer to make some art. Well…I like doing that so here we go. Dusty is also in faculty at FSU and is directing/conceiving a production of Angels In America. My part was to come up with pen and ink images that will be projected on stage during the performances. These images are strange to say a word about them. I tried to draw imagery rather than just scenes. I hope they work well for what Dusty and the whole crew are trying to do with the production. Best luck to all–show opens October 5th at the Frostburg State University Performing Arts Center. Now…back to drawing and writing like us authors tend to do.


Project Snake Leaves–more art

September 18, 2012

While I should have been finishing the inks for my contribution to the FSU production of Angels In America–I decided to finish this piece instead. Now back to the Angels work as my deadline is looming.  Gonna make a big push to get this project underway soon. This page is about 8″x10″ and takes place in Chapter 3. The difference in this on compared to the rest of the concept work I’ve been doing for this story is the outline. I used a brush pen for this piece to get a nice thick outline…just something new but I think I like it better.

Also–becoming a big fan of Copic ink pens.