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More Snake Leaves

August 30, 2012

A secret video we’re working on for promo–first cut and looking good:

Promo Video First Cut


So many new things, so many lines.

August 23, 2012

The end of summer is just about here and with this we will head back into the trenches and teach the students at Frostburg State University all about illustration. I am very much looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and serving them as best I can. There are some very talented guys and gals under my tutelage on Braddock Road and I look forward to working with them all.

But what have I been up to you ask?

1) Mole Had Everything came out in May and got great reviews.

2) Words and layouts for what I hope will be my new picture book are in advanced stages after one major fail.

3) A pair of graphic novels are under way…which is a whole new world of telling a story for me.

Now…all of these projects fall under what was the summer of intense work. In fact, all I did this summer was work. I don’t really plan to stop either. I’ll be an old man with the arthritis, still bent over a drafting table while pretty Erica says, “That’s why your back always hurts!”  I spent lots of time out at Oliver’s sandbox, sitting at an old school desk, crosshatching or writing away on these projects and I feel good about them. This has become a morning routine in fact…almost every single day I would be greeted with, “I go my sanbok dada?” I then sling my portable desk over my shoulder, grab the days work, pour a cup of coffee, and go to the “sandbok”

I’m not at the point yet to divulge any plots, titles, etc for these illustrations…not that this really matters. What I’m posting represents just a tiny handful of some of the test drawings for one of the graphic novels. Those in my “inner, inner, inner circle of awesome people” will know which these images are from.


So as I sign off, this week marks my final push. Some of these images will be turned into a promotional video for my agent and then others may just remain posted on this blog. It is certainly all part of the process of making stories, making books. Never mind making money, the reward here is looking at the world and knowing that you have to make art because of it. It is a good feeling to know that you have an actual purpose.

That is all I’ve got at this late hour. 1:01am in fact and there are still miles to go tonight.