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Big Gun Go Boom

April 8, 2012

OK–so this is an excerpt from a letter of application written by either a 26year old or a 32 year old Leonardo Da Vinci. He was looking for placement in the the court of The Duke of Milan when he sent in a list of his traits.  I turned the whole letter into a lecture that burst out all the vigor and fire needed to keep Illustration and Advanced Illustration students attentive for a few minutes at the beginning of class this past week. The point was to tell them that as artists they need to be great at selling their work and not timid little, apathy-filled, mice. This was all born out of a conversation with a fellow artist that “got my goat”–we shall say. Now where does this fit with me?

I think I’m trying kinda hard to find/write my next story…maybe a bit too hard. I’ve drafted about 4 different mini-mini-mini novella’s over the past few months. I’ve even drawn them into full book layout and bound most of them–one story being 52 pages of pen&ink illustrations. The next being a 32 pager–drawings finished and text handwritten in. This is the part of being a book maker that I truly enjoy. Though sometimes it’s the part that makes me want to give it all up. I am constantly questioning my ideas and my drawings but it is truly the best part of being an author and an artist. The search to find what that next  story or interesting topic will be. My focus is like that of a sawed-off shotgun though. It scatters all around and is never precise. I wish I was born with a scope like my pal Tim Decker(buy his new book now or I will focus my shotgun on you-but must likely miss). He has the ability to focus fully on a single project. I on the other hand, focus on 35 projects in the hopes that 1 will pan out.

What is the point of this wordy blog post on Easter Sunday, 2012…well, I’m working on that too.

More to come.