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A few wordless compositions for fun

January 30, 2012

These really went nowhere as I got quickly busy with other projects. Wordless layouts about who knows what…



The excitement of an advanced copy.

January 2, 2012

Shaboom! A few days before Christmas and a package was brought to me by Fedex Claus. I said THANK YOU Fedex Claus…nobody can do what you do. I rushed inside and tore into the package which was from my publisher–knowing full well what it was(after speaking with my editor and her telling me that they’d be shipping me a copy).

So here are a series of images of me holding the book. They will be in reverse of course because I was using a camera… The cover image I flipped so that the title can be read. Anyhow–here is a quick glance at a bound version of Mole Had Everything. Being released by Blue Apple Books in April of 2012.

Note: These pictures also feature my new writing hat and writing scarf. Great presents from Rocco and Allison. I think that as a writer/illustrator, I need to create a persona that is easy to caricature…so that I may caricature myself easily. Sometimes I just say things…

Image above: Putting sneaky snakes in any children’s book makes for interesting compositions. This one is situated at a place called The Foggy Swamps. One of my favorite spreads from the book.

Here are a few quiet spots.

Then a quiet seascape meant for a contemplative change in the book. All of my flowers look like lollipops.

The results of his great journey.

Fitting it all in his quiet home…

Gatefoldd full view of the clutter. This one was a task to paint.

So that is my quick preview of Mole Had Everything. This book was a big effort for me. Painted in between living in Connecticut and then our Move to Maryland. It will be my first book released an a professor at Frostburg State University and I hope it makes my department proud.¬† Mole Had Everything is the first piece of art that I’ve created and can honestly say, “Yep…that’s what I was trying to say with this.” I know what I meant and I meant what I said and I smaid what I sment and I painted my little heart out for months.

More to come soon. Best to all.