What a week will bring

First off–let me apologize for what will be a very verbose post. So…sorry. I promise lots of pictures however. Lets begin here–I decided that along with my new spot as a faculty member at Frostburg State University that I REALLY wanted to maintain my professional practice. That being mostly illustration and books. But…as an artist first, I am always just trying to make some sort of mark on something. This is not a metaphor. I would draw on dirt with ketchup if I had no pencil or paper. I just like making stuff.

So the first of that “stuff” from this past week was six ink drawings that I did on the floor with my son Oliver helping. As I drew with marker, he drew with crayon. You can really see his handy work on the bottom right image. This was fine because I knew that I’d be taking the images into photoshop for coloring.


After some days of cleanup and painting with pixels…viola, a few concept that I may use for a series of T-shirts. Keep in mind that each of these images is about 11″ x 14″.

NEXT: This piece is for an open submission to a company that I have done work for in the past. The fine art of hiding objects within designated art is made less wacky when your basis for the composition is one of Durer’s greatest and most ominous works.

From here I had to throw together a poster for an artist visit I have set up for my illustration classes here at Frostburg. Presenting my good chum David Ferreira. Dave will speak to my students about acrylic painting techniques, zombies, cat food art and just general awesomeness. I’m no poster designer so don’t dis…I tried.

Moving on. Myself and a few other professors have formed the “Communications Committee” here in the arts department. Our main task will be to get a comprehensive blog up and running to show the world all of the happy, western MD goodness that we are producing here. That and to raise a real awareness of the program to attract future students as well as give current students something to participate in. With that in mind, I’m proposing to the faculty that we all create a custom Munny for our page bio. Here is the first page in a presentation I’ll pitch at the next faculty meeting. Again…a designer I am not. The paw prints on Munny are because we are the Bobcats. GO BOBCATS!

Finally…and though this doesn’t technically count as work I’ve done in this past week, I’ll be participating in a publishing festival out here this coming Saturday.  It is a mouthful: The Fifth Annual Western Maryland Small and Regional Press Festival. I will be on a panel of children’s authors and illustrators. Though the festival happens all around town, I’ll be in the Lyric Theater at 22 E. Main Street at 11:30am.

I’ll hopefully(within the next month) post a few bits of my next book…gotta write it though. Now that’s a blog full.


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