Gone Frosty Gone

OK–Most everyone who already knows me knows that we’ve recently moved to Frostburg, Maryland. Here are a few images:

Lobby of Compton Hall where I hold my Illustration and Advanced Illustration classes.

View out from said hall–it rains like Mordor out here as of late…

Fall came.

Ollie runs these streets!

Now onto art–feeling not so much like a wordsmith tonight. Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Decided to make some signs for the department with the Ollie Logo, as well as a painting of Saint Sebastian all shot izzup.

And here we have our bloody saint. I’m digging spraying up the place. Frostburg State University–I have big plans for you!

Spray Saints–more to come. GNR Rules!

One Response to “Gone Frosty Gone”

  1. chris Says:

    This reminds me of the “operation” game.

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