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In the span of a blink

September 30, 2011

Paint strips, dead pieces of watercolor paper, torn up piles of old notes and ideas…a trail of the wounded warriors that is my search for the next project. The ghosts of books that I have already drafted and then hidden. Usually because they suck. So they go into the flat file or get stuffed into a book shelf. They have found a new home in my office at FSU. Here’s how this past week has gone.

I started sketching around with some watercolor pencils and a new water-pen that my good friend David Ferreira passed my way. So as per usual, I try to become Blake.

Now, I’m not fully sure what these paintings are about. The words have a bit of meaning but it is all really just what a guy puts down when trying to figure out what his next book will be. I don’t think any of these have more than an hour and a half time into them. They are sketches and nothing more.

The final one from yesterday is a study from Durer and Bosch. I kinda dig working in such a quick and sketchy manner. The last book felt like it would be the death of me.

So that’s that! Next up–spray spray junk junk. Stay tuned. Eat that Decker!