A few images

Above is the cover image for Mole Had Everything. I placed in some title text but that will all be changed and handled by the good folks at Blue Apple Books. I just wanted to give a quick idea of how the front will look with the giant ball of string set on the back.

In this image–are they flowers or red lollipops? I’m really trying to create a strange atmosphere here. I don’t want to simply look at a tree and then paint what I see. I think I am doing the least amount of environmental reference with this book than I’ve ever done before. I just hope that the images in my head make for good art.

On another note–Timothy Decker and I have finally started work on our book project. I’ve written a text that is very unlike any of my published works and I think that his illustrations would suit it better than anybody’s. I’ll post more as we go along but until then, Tim, good luck with the layouts! We’ll go out for pancakes soon my friend!


2 Responses to “A few images”

  1. Tim Says:

    Hi. I saw your artwork for this book at Blue Apple last week. Love it! Congrats on a great book!

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