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Mole Had Everything–first post

May 19, 2011

I’m quite happy to finally be officially working on this project. I write and draw and refine and and write again, draw again, refine again, repeat–with every story. This story however began in September of 2009. So from pen to publication, about 2 and 1/2 years will have elapsed.  So much of my life has happened in those 30 months.  Travels, deaths, changes and a masters degree. The biggest and best change, Oliver is here now. So this will be the first book that I’ll be working on with him in my life and the first book that will come out, for him to see. What I’ve written in Mole Had Everything–I hope he can use for his whole life. I hope he can use it as a child and as a man. I don’t want to get too deep into it and I may never tell him. If he finds it–I’ll show him this blog…perhaps.

Now, onto some of the rough page layouts:

(Above) character sketches that I turned in last week. Typed in a few notes for Elliot and Cecile at Blue Apple Books(my partners in this caper)

Four concept sketches for the cover. The bottom right made the cut. Top right was offered as a tribute to good pal Tim Decker.

The complications of a simple life. Taking night walks in the forest with a cup of tea and sitting on top of a rock to think.

Pages 4-5 redo. Trying to take away a bit of clutter from a story that has to show lots of clutter. The composition is opening up, hopefully giving the book a rhythm.

Pages 24-25. We all have this stuff.

THE GATEFOLD. This will be a double page spread that also folds down to show the protagonist trying to cram his home with all of his new stuff. Split the page horizontally at the mid point and that is what you’ll see when you open the book. A flap will extend down from that to reveal everything happening below. Lots of work in this one!

Lastly(for now). The scene in the story when our wee lad is trying to get on with his life but realizes that all of his possessions are possessing him.

More to come,words to fix, add paint, rinse and repeat. Eat that Tim–I blogged!