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AIB lecture: A-OK!

March 28, 2011

Lets begin here–how perfect. The sun was shinning as I pulled up to 601 Newbury Street, spot right in front, stepped out of my truck, snapped a pic with my blackberry, went inside, lectured to about 75(approx) students, outlasted my parking meter, NO TICKET! How is that for a great day.

(The Art Institute of Boston@ Lesley University my Alma Mater. 601 Newbury Street building.)

Now onto the lecture. The topics I spoke about spanned as much of my work as I could fit into about an hour.  At best, I figured I’d be able to give the students a window into what someone like myself does. I spoke about work, books, varying styles, prices, dealing with art directors, agents, not limiting yourself to just one form of art, etc.

I showed some older work. A good portion of which was my MANY editorials for The Ridgefield Press, The Wilton Bulletin, The Reading Pilot and the rest of the Hersam Acorn Newspaper group. Above is a piece I penned and illustrated right after the Redsox beat the Yankees in the historic 2004 American League Championship Series.

Then onto books. I scanned and presented the first incarnation of Honey Badgers. From its infancy all the way to book form. Above is the first dummy book–in all of its ragged glory.

These are images showing how a book evolves and becomes something. Change of format , change of critters, change of the whole darn world. To the average person stumbling across this blog and thinking, “Why is this guy posting unfinished drawings?”.  Well, these things are very important for students to see. They need to understand that there is a process in all commercial art. It is very much a process of building a project every time out–it’s also a boatload of work!

Like the MASSIVE process that is my Stick-Figuratively Speaking: Sleepy Hollow graphic novel. Above is about 25% of the rough page layouts. My hand hurts just looking at these files.


Zombirdies layouts for the Zombie Bomb comic series.


Then onto an entire finished book, The Bedtime Train. This portion was also dealing with illustrating a topic that I am not particularly in love with(such as trains) while producing the best artwork I possibly can. This is no small task and it is one that every illustrator will face at least once if their lucky–100 times of they’re normal.


Lastly: The Book Dummy. I showed the students slides of images from a story that I’ve been working on for a few years now. I cannot tell you how many drafts I have ripped through with this one. It is no different with the images. When something is wrong, I draw it better. When something gets old, I change it. Hopefully one day–it will become a book. Above is something titled…wait, I can’t say!

Ok–A few more blackberry pics before I left AIB.


An out of focus shot of my Stick-Figuratively Speaking: Alice book in the library. I stopped in to sign it, but I think I confused the nice gal behind the counter. She thought I wanted to check it out. Wonder if I could have?


If you went here–you have used many, many footsteps in this hall. Directly to the right but out of the frame is the student lounge @ 700 Beacon Street.


Student mural on the top floor stairwell.

One of my favorite views of Boston. Right over those buildings and over the Mass Pike sits good ol’ Fenway Park. Looks nice when it’s lit up at night. A twinkling beacon to the eyes of the weary art student, wondering where they put their damn T-Pass.

Thanks again Keith and Susan. It was a true pleasure.


In her tomb by the sounding sea.

March 22, 2011

Finally and happily getting around illustrating my story Zombirdies for the Zombie Bomb comic anthology. Here are the thumbnails and comp sketches. I’ll eventually post some of the color images as I paint them. I think I may have written Zombirdies with Poe’s Annabel Lee looming inside my head somewhere.  Sad, moving and brilliant. I hope to compete!