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February 9, 2011

More to come on this project…possibly to a place near you! I’m gonna need a few good people to get involved with this one. I’ll be posting more details soon as well as starting a new site for it.                                      THE GHOST BOOK PROJECT…enough said for now.


Oliver App and Oliver Barcode

February 9, 2011

Another image with the Oliver Head logo…I’ve been quite inspired by my son’s circular dome and swoop of baby-beiber hair lately. Let’s see what he thinks about all of this when he’s 13.

New Review of Alice…plus a few redbirds.

February 7, 2011

A few concepts I had to UPS out this morning. Only one new image really(the biggest one)–the vignettes and banners were used in a library campaign.

School Library Journal Review:

Stickfiguratively Speaking: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Jamison Odone

The first in a new series, this book takes an innovative approach to a well-known tale. Lewis Carroll’s text has been adapted in a way that accentuates the action and emphasizes the playfulness of the language, resulting in a briskly focused and evenly paced retelling. The narrative is deftly illustrated with stick-figure characters and simple backdrops. Though seemingly straightforward, the pen-and-ink drawings are both graceful and kinetic. The artist’s fluid lines work particularly well in underscoring Alice’s ever-changing size and the resulting shifts in her perspective. Wry bits of dialogue—some cleverly taken from the original and others penned by Odone—are also integrated into the story and add touches of tongue-in-cheek humor. Alice, who wears an old-fashioned frock and sports a headband with a flower, is at the top of her game; never too frightened or homesick, she leaves readers with an impression of steadfast self-confidence and an adventure well enjoyed. Oddly, the title page makes no mention of Carroll, though at book’s end, when she is told by her sister to get ready for afternoon tea and a visitor, Alice muses, “I wonder if Mr. Dodgson will want to hear my story?” A fun and fresh interpretation.—Joy Fleishhacker, School Library Journal

Mr. Yuk and Oliver Yuk

February 5, 2011

Oliver’s logo + propaganda

February 5, 2011

A poster series I’ve started using the logo I created from my 1 year old son. I’ve decided that his head was simply too cute to not be used in replace of rulers and revolutionaries.

Revisiting old work: Part 2

February 2, 2011

 I’ve been putting together portfolios for various submissions over the past week. This one is along the same path as the previous post. Showing the penil compositions before the paintings/illustrations are made.