Keeping busy with Ann Putnam and some witches

So this is the life. The life of a guy who makes books. Well, lately at least tries to make books. I have been toiling away the hours crosshatching the latest installment of Stickfiguratively Speaking which will be out in 2011. But at times, I need to break the tedium of one project and put together the thoughts, sketches and words of another. That is what you see here and if you steal any of my ideas I will find you, I will bring along a pack of wild ninjas and we will handle you readily!  That was a lie. I don’t know enough ninjas to constitute an entire pack…I only know one or two.

These are some pages of rough sketches and layout design ideas for a book that I have been writing/drawing on my down time for years in between paying gigs and deadlines. For the love of it I guess.  It’s one of those books that I hope to one day have published because I just cannot get it out of my head–so that must mean something.

Some of these thumbnails have legs to go further. I can already tell which ones would be castaways–NONE…IM A GEENYUS! Well at risk of making this blog post Deckeronian in length…I shall simply finish by saying, SHE’S A WITCH!




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