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New Look–Next Book

July 27, 2010

Here we have a double page spread for the next Stickfiguratively Speaking book that I am ready to show. Now, this image will not be one of the actual finals in the book(I will fully redraw it at the correct size) but it is exactly how the final art will all look. It will be a true graphic novel. So a hearty THANK YOU to Mr. Washington Irving for penning the most famous ghost story that these shores have ever known.

The above image with the solid black sky is how the art will be printed in the book. The art begins however, as the bottom image shows. They are all drawn in pen and ink but with a few solid fills and reversals done in Photoshop.


Two things

July 26, 2010

This top image is a part of an autobiographical series I’ve decided to work on in between projects–sort of an ongoing thing. They will eventually be made into a book–but more of an art book project, nothing that I care to ever have published.

This second image is nothing more than a demo I gave to one of my classes the other day on–guess what? CROSSHATCHING! Ahhh, the fun of an infinite number of tiny, black lines. Keeps a man sane to be able to control all that ink;)

Legend of Sleepy Watercolor

July 16, 2010

This is a painting I did as a class demonstration today for my Watercolor For Children’s books class at Silvermine Arts School. The main lesson today was about under painting. I used a Katrina Van Tassel from The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow. She seems to be working her way into lots of my art these days.