Sleepy Hollow, Sunnyside, headless ghosts and their graves

Last Friday I spent the day in Sleepy Hollow and Irvington, NY doing research for my next book…Stickfiguratively Speaking: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Erica and Oliver came along to help take pictures of Sunnyside(Washington Irving’s estate) as well as the Sleepy Hollow cemetery and Old Dutch Burying Ground. These are some of the pics though I do have about 400 more. I plan on(but may change my mind) using the Sunnyside estate as that of Baltus Van Tassel in the drawings for the book. Also, on one cool note–this church is the actual church where the horseman begins the nightly search for his missing head. The Old Dutch Burying Ground is the very spot where at one point Ichabod seeks refuge from the headless phantom. What a cool place to take reference pics–we will be going back soon for a second round of shooting. Note: The very bottom group of images contains the grave of Washington Irving if you look closely.


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