The Strand, A Hand, Less Bland

My good friend and fellow author/illustrator/text message pen-pal, Timothy Decker sent over this cell phone picture today.  He was wandering wide-eyed through the stacks at an institution of paper binding known as The Strand Bookstore in New York City and came across a copy of my latest book. Now, speaking from the heart (which I rarely do on this blog) something like this makes a day instantly better–and I needed it today. As a person who is in a creative field but has never been selected by the likes of Oprah as a valid voice in the world of books (well, I don’t think she ever reads picture books…she should though), my world is often FILLED with self-doubt. How could it not be? I’m pretty sure that I will never do any piece of work that is truly satisfying to me. It can be published and well reviewed but there is that counter thing in my brain that has been making an internal list of all the things ever created that are FAR better than my measly little books(examples are: The Acropolis, The ruined Island of Delos, The Temple of Olympian Zeus…and those were just from my trip to Greece) It’s really an awful list to be always making. But for some reason, I am still compelled to draw, write, paint…make stuff. Sometimes good, sometimes awful, NEVER Acropolinian in greatness.

I suppose this is a perfect time to end my downer of a blog post and simply say…thank you friend! I’m much happier knowing that my hatches and scribbles have been chosen by the likes of Mr. Decker and the book buyer at The Strand.

Free Ice Cream For All!

3 Responses to “The Strand, A Hand, Less Bland”

  1. Timothy Says:

    And to clarify, Jamie’s book was on the “cool” kids table, just inches from The Book Thief (which is one of the greatest books ever written) and Diary of a Whimpy Kid (which is pretty lame but sells like one of the greatest books ever written). Oh sure, there are a billion shelves, divided into every possible category in the children’s literature section; but there’s only one “cool” kids table. It’s the place you want to find your book, not stuck back in the stacks where nobody would ever find it.

    In a Pretty In Pink analogy, Jamie is hanging out with Blaine McDonough and the hip kids while the rest of us are still playing D&D with Ducky.

  2. Renee K Says:

    Ok, yes, a little sad…but I posted a similar thought on Twitter a while back and the response I got made me think.
    What’s the point of being an artist if you are always satisfied with what you’re doing? It’s a life’s pursuit…a blessing and a curse…to be an artist. I think it’s absolutely normal to have a little self doubt.

    But don’t do it too often, because you’re awesome. 🙂

  3. Your Mom Says:

    All of your work is awesome.You have one creation that tops all others… Oliver

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