Book Signing Today

This was first posted on my son Oliver’s blog, by my wife Erica…Oliver is 2 months old and has a blog btw:

Today Jamie had an event at the Pawling Book Cove for his book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It was this cute book store in the town of Pawling, NY (thus the name). The people there were great and the event was very nice even though the weather could have been a bit better. Oliver took this time to nap which was nice because unless we’re out and about in the middle of the afternoon he wants nothing to do with naps (something Mommy is trying to change). With a lot of book signings coming up I hope Oliver will be as great as he was today!

Look Jamie’s book is in the window!

Grandpa watching over Oliver…

he’s being so difficult!

One Response to “Book Signing Today”

  1. Old Towne Books & Tea Says:

    From your friends at Old Towne Books & Tea.

    Had a mom come up to me who purchased this book for her daughter and said the following, “My daughter loves this. Every time we get in the car and go somewhere she has to bring it along. She reads it over and over and over again.” I’m not making this stuff up. Jamison great job and we look forward to your next book.

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