Alice Goes Bald For A Cure

From A Publishingworks, Inc. Press Release:

Every day, forty-six children are diagnosed with cancer. This September, Children’s Cancer Awareness Month, forty-six mothers will shave their heads in solidarity on national television. These mothers are from different parts of the country and their children are in varying stages of illness, from those just diagnosed to those for whom the fight has ended. These moms, calling themselves 46 Mommas, are working to raise awareness and one million dollars through St. Baldricks that they’ll give to find a cure. Already this year, St. Baldricks volunteer shavees have raised over 10 million dollars.

On March 5th, author/illustrator Jamison Odone released a stick-figure edition of ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND featuring minimalistic line drawings of the quirky characters. Through talking with the Lewis Carroll Society of North America, Odone’s publicist heard about 46 Mommas and was touched by their story and their cause. In an effort to help them to raise awareness and funds, Odone has created a special Alice drawing, featuring the heroine without her hair. Representatives from 46 Mommas believe that having the children see a classic character change her appearance will boost their spirits and help them to imagine themselves in Wonderland with her. Odone’s publisher, PublishingWorks, Inc., has set up a special code (46MOMMAS) on their website with 20% of the book’s proceeds going to 46 Mommas.

About 46 Mommas:

46 Mommas is a group of 46 mothers of children who have fought or are fighting cancer. The goal of these women, from all across the US, is to make a difference, to get the message out there that kids get cancer too. It’s a sacrifice, sure, one of vanity and ego, but hair comes back. Visit their team website for more info and photos of these moms and their brave children

If you are interested in an interview, please contact Carol Corbett of PublishingWorks, Inc. at (603)772.7200 or email //

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