Alice’s Adventures in my pad





Stickfiguratively Speaking this project is becoming more enjoyable but still quite weighty.  Sometimes I wish I did not have so much respect for the original, but alas…who doesn’t?  I can only hope that my interpretation of all that belongs to Alice can hold the attention of those who view it.  So, that being said–no Pool Of Tears tonight as I live in the DEEP shadow of Tenniel for another a.m. session.


2 Responses to “Alice’s Adventures in my pad”

  1. Marisa Birns Says:

    Alice in Wonderland is still a perfect story for me, after all these years. If pushed to the wall, my favorite Alice is the one in the center.

    I was told about your project by Carol Corbett since she knew I was a fan of the subject matter.

    Anyway, welcome!

  2. Not your typical March Hare & Mad Hatter « The Longest Chapter Says:

    […] Odone says in a press release, “There is really no room for the words to carry the art or vice versa—they have to all work together.” With that, he succeeds, playfully interchanging words and illustrations on the pages. Adding surprise and humor, the  interior thoughts and snarky side comments of Alice, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter and other characters spice up the familiar oddness. To get an idea of the stick-figure style, check out Odone’s blog post Alice’s Adventures in my pad.  […]

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