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Test cover for Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

October 29, 2009


I think I described this well enough in the post title…not feeling very clever tonight.


Alice’s Adventures in my pad

October 20, 2009





Stickfiguratively Speaking this project is becoming more enjoyable but still quite weighty.  Sometimes I wish I did not have so much respect for the original, but alas…who doesn’t?  I can only hope that my interpretation of all that belongs to Alice can hold the attention of those who view it.  So, that being said–no Pool Of Tears tonight as I live in the DEEP shadow of Tenniel for another a.m. session.

orange marmalade

October 17, 2009


Right after Miss Liddell has decided to follow the rabbit down his hole.  These drawings are becoming such a source of excitement and satisfaction for me–as I can do them in a snap.  Currently, working out the dimensions of the what the finished project will end up and creating some concept/promo art.

deconstructing alice

October 17, 2009


Working on a new project that will have a release date of SOON!  I’ll be posting a good amount of work from my little deconstructing wonderland book.  Anyhoo…

Obligatiry workspace pictures

October 15, 2009






Seems as though every artist MUST post images of their studio or workspace for all to see.  Turns out that I actually do have some odd things laying aroud mine.  Look for a jar containing a shark embryo.  Antique dolls head belonging to my grandmother.  Honey Badger prototype dolls(project killed) Waner Brothers invite to the red carpet premiere Where The Wild Things Are in NYC(was this Tuesday and so splendid).  Tiny figurine of Jack The Ripper. Projects in the works all over desk. ETC…

Nothing all that interesting…just the world in which I reside…