Chuck’s Book



This is a little side project for the children of a friend.  The first round of layouts for a story that was started by their father Chuck, and the duty of finishing it has passed on to his young brood.  A project of this scope can be a tough thing to ask of  kids, coming up with a story is not always the easiest thing.  I think it is a VERY common misconception that people make,”Well It’s just a kids book…”   

In fact, the story is really quite important to this family.  It was begun as a gift for the children but has now become an effort on their parts…but it is one I know they can handle well.  

So, to the Van De Merlen Three–I wish you good writing!


One Response to “Chuck’s Book”

  1. Therese Says:

    Thanks for being Chuck’s friend and helping the children make this connection to their dad.

    much love,
    The Mom of the Van de Merlen Three

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