This image is a rough draft from a comic I’m doing about Zombie Birds.  Please note that some of the artwork is not even drawn in the boxes yet…and this piece won’t appear in the actual publication…it’s more of a practice drawing for me.   I’m not sure what I can legally say ,so I won’t say much.  It will be released in 2010 in two compilation books, several authors and artists were asked to contribute a story about Zombies–their own take.  I have been reading lots of poetry lately so my take on zombies came out in a 22 stanza poem….Think Poe’s Annabel Lee, but with little zombie birds.  Now this poem is not for the faint of heart–as it does deal with darker themes..but all in good Zombirdie fun.

p.s.  I also illustrated Annabel Lee( in a stick-figure style)for fun in my sketchbook…here’s a few snips from that.  The cover, the first page and the last page.





One Response to “Zombirdies!”

  1. Lauren Says:

    You know how much I love the red birds. I am excited about the Zombie thing because that’s AWESOME, but that first page makes me so sad!

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