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New Classes This Fall

August 29, 2009

This Fall I will be teaching Children’s Book Illustration I &II at the Silvermine Art School in New Canaan, CT. Please check their website for class schedules and listings.




August 26, 2009


This image is a rough draft from a comic I’m doing about Zombie Birds.  Please note that some of the artwork is not even drawn in the boxes yet…and this piece won’t appear in the actual publication…it’s more of a practice drawing for me.   I’m not sure what I can legally say ,so I won’t say much.  It will be released in 2010 in two compilation books, several authors and artists were asked to contribute a story about Zombies–their own take.  I have been reading lots of poetry lately so my take on zombies came out in a 22 stanza poem….Think Poe’s Annabel Lee, but with little zombie birds.  Now this poem is not for the faint of heart–as it does deal with darker themes..but all in good Zombirdie fun.

p.s.  I also illustrated Annabel Lee( in a stick-figure style)for fun in my sketchbook…here’s a few snips from that.  The cover, the first page and the last page.




Logo for Osetra Restaurant in Sono, CT

August 26, 2009


The  finished drawing for the new shirts at Osetra restaurant in South Norwalk, CT.

It’s an osetra sturgeon–which actually looks like some sort of dinosaur fish.

Timothy Decker: Author, Illustrator, Pal

August 18, 2009


Hello All–

Please check out my friend Timothy Decker’s new blog:

ALSO…His new book For Liberty  is now on Amazon.  This picture book is a fantastic telling of The Boston Massacre.  Tim’s words and illustration are captivating.  In my opinion, he is creating some of the most impressive and innovative picture books in America.  There is nothing out there that I can think of which can be compared to his work.