It’s a rare thing that I post something that is not art related–but this needed to go up.  5th grade me.  I’d like to say that my mother is to blame, but the truth is THIS IS ALLL ME!  Now, I certainly hope friends recognize me as a humble man..if not  for my personality, then for showing this.  Be kind.


3 Responses to “Laser”

  1. lizb0t Says:

    oh my. oh my my my my.
    You’re cooler than this guy now!!!

  2. lizb0t Says:

    my picture didn’t show up. That was supposed to be Budnick from Salute Your Shorts.

  3. beth clark Says:

    sweet-the eyes of an artist
    Rembrant’s self portrait at the Gardenar Museum has
    the same turn,the same glance,same look,dark eyes of feeling

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