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Crosshatching and a 4×6 weekend

July 27, 2008

Because I want my next book to be heavily crosshatched–I’ve been doing many studies in that style as of late. These are for a show I’m submitting to where all of the work has to be 4″x6″. I plan to do about 10 drawings total–more to post soon.


If a story can win

July 23, 2008

For about a year now I have been setting aside hours of my day to work on a particular story. It should have been a simple counting book but I found out quickly that penning a counting book is anything but simple. It has to be good, it has to have a wonderful story, it has to be different from all other counting books…..It has become TOUGH.

I will however keep on writing draft upon draft of my odd little world of counting. The one good thing I can say at this point is that I have many notebook pages filled with words and drawings of redbirds, like this one.

The Bedtime Train

July 16, 2008

Here are a few works from my soon-to-be-released new book The Bedtime Train. This first page is just a sample of some of the spot illustrations that appear through the pages of the story.

This spread is among my favorites–if I am allowed to play favorites with my own work.

This book will be released in October but is available for pre-order on a few sights–Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Borders Books, etc. I’ll give you a few links here:


July 2, 2008

Today I am 28 and I feel good.  I’ve been working on lots of drawings, stuffed animals and lines of text for what I hope will be my next book.  So–to everybody else who happens to share July 2nd as their birthday..Happy Birthday to you.