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March 27, 2008


Bookmark design commissioned by a library for their summer reading programs. I have yet to place the type–sometime tonight perhaps.


Bookmark rough sketch

March 20, 2008


This project is due fairly soon–but I have some time to fine tune it…..still at the rough sketch stage.

Holbein Composition

March 19, 2008


Preliminary sketch for a “hidden picture” illustration I’m working on. Though I have not yet hidden any pictures in this drawing–I wonder if anybody will notice the Hans Honbein composition–anyone?

Library poster commission-90% done!

March 14, 2008


I‘ve been working on this poster for quite a bit of time now. It’s for a library’s summer reading program and author/illustrator events. I’m posting it at 90% finished because I wanted to see how it looks on screen and to add in some text.

Updating coming events

March 14, 2008

A few new updates to the calender recently.

-Wednesday, June 25th 10am.  Visiting artist, Guilford Art Center.  Guilford, CT.

-Thursday, June 26th 11am.  Visiting author/illustrator presentation.  Ridgefield Public Library.  Ridgefield, CT

Oil and Red Birds

March 12, 2008


These are a few oil paintings I had sitting around. I’ll post many more in the near future–I just dislike sitting around scanning paintings. I am obsessed with little, red birds and have been for a few months. I can’t recall what sparked this obsession but it does very much exist and it has made its way into many works.

Wonderland Books

March 10, 2008


Had a book signing at Wonderland Books in Putnam, CT this afternoon. Small turnout–but the day was nice. Erica, Mom, Mem’ere, Carl and Tiff were the posse. Did this sketch while I sat and signed.