Monsters, cowboys, Pere Lachaise

I am finding it difficult to convey who I am through a particular theme in my work. I am scattered and cannot find anything in the realm of stories that defines me. Is this a bad thing?-not sure yet. I’m driving this morning and for some reason begin to drift off and formulate a children’s story about William H. Bonney(a.k.a. Billy The Kid). Two minutes later I am(in my head) working on an Idea I had yesterday about my visit to Pere Lachaise.

These stories that I write confuse me sometimes, rather their themes confuse me.  For example–what is it in my mind that would make me interested in such separate themes or ideas.  There mast have been something that I saw or read years ago that makes me interested in Billy The Kid–perhaps it was watching old movies with my grandfather.

Monsters-this can probably be boiled down to every single kid being fascinated by them in some capacity.  I don’t recall ever being frightened of them as a youngster.  Never made my mother check under the bed or in the closet.  I did have nightmares featuring movie monster when I was a sprout–but that’s all.

So now back to the writing.  Hopefully one day I’ll be able to look back on my work and say…”Look there, there is my theme–It’s been there the whole time and I just looked over it”.  Until then I will have to continue to write about a whole scattered lot of topics that strike me in an instant or stick around with me for years.  I have a few of those, I cherish them  and can work on them as it strikes me.  They are never as good as something freshly written.  Too much thought has always made mu work suffer.  The one book I have had published up to this point was written in one sitting and sent off for review.  The stories that are thought out and the closest to my heart are overwhelmed my my caring.  If I didn’t care so much about the topic or characters and could just jot down  a few light-hearted sentences–my world would be easier.

Turkey Vultures on Thanksgiving(don’t steal that I like it and have already stolen it)  All rights reserved for me to pen this story….I don’t think this has any legal validity.

OK enough said.  Before my thoughs , ideas and themes get way to jumbled to even type another word.


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