The sleepiness of this blog

October 23, 2014

I know it seems like I’ve died but I’ve actually just been working on lots of things. Things take time if you wish them to be just right. So much of my time has been spent…well…doing actual author/illustrator stuff. I write a ton and I draw a ton. This will be here in a few days as an online and POD(print on demand) release. Poe’s Annabel Lee illustrated by me. Not too sure where I’m deciding to take my career at the moment. Traditional publishing is something I will always do because for the most part, the publishers I have worked with have been great champions of my work in children’s literature. I do however have this other side. The side that wants to write/illustrate stories that don’t really fall into a category. Odd little things. The title of my show at The Mercurial Gallery in 2013 was Strange Little Books. That’s probably the best name for a category if there existed one.

So I think that’s all for now. More to come on these strange little books before Halloween. I’ve given myself that strange little date as a deadline for the first release. Until then, play for blood…that’s just my game.


Kid On The Hill

June 11, 2014

KOTH-WORDS-2Been working on something new. This is an image from a graphic novel I’ve been conceiving. Also, been just terrible at ever posting on my blog. I blame this on my brain being too focused on writing and drawing stories, ideas, proposals, etc. Ya know–I’m an artist…not a blogger. Though this summer I’ll be working on some cool stuff so I shall try to do my best to post more. Night night.

Strange Little Books @The Mercurial Gallery

August 24, 2013

Below are a few images from my recent exhibit, “Strange Little  Books” This whole show came about because many, many moons ago, a young lady who was in college but working for a local rag, was assigned to interview me because my debut book Honey Badgers had just been published.  Fast forward a chunk of years and Amanda Bloom now owns The Mercurial Gallery and Web Magazine based out of Danbury, CTphoto-7

The setup for this exhibit was a sweaty challenge to say the least. Thousands of nails into the poor walls of The Merc, looped around with hundreds of feet of yarn all to recreate the concept and the main character’s journey in my most recent book, Mole Had


Books were provided for sale and signing at the opening by Byrds Books of Bethel, CT


A detail of one of the wall installations that wrapped the entire gallery.


This pic was posed by a photographer from The Danbury News-Times. There was a very kind story written about my show and my book. I thought the interview was one of best I’ve ever taken part in. Here’s a link to the interview and story.  Also, here is a link to about 12 other stories written about my work since 2004 that I never knew existed…


Above is my son Oliver and his friend Alejandra at the opening.




Getting mic’d up for the Gallery Talk and Podcast. Here’s a link if you’d like to have a listen.


photo-7 photo-8


Lastly–The Mercurial Gallery and Web Magazine is a wonderful venue for the arts of all kinds. So click on this link and donate sucka! Thanks again to all who came out to support Strange Little Books!

Press Release: Mercurial Gallery Exhibition

July 9, 2013

Will be installing this starting this evening. Looking forward to the show.


June 26, 2013

Come to this show. I’ve been drawing my poor little fingers to the bone!

Dante Doodle

June 16, 2013


Project KE

May 13, 2013


What do do here? Wish I had or could say more about this project. I’ll be spending the next week trying to iron out exactly what I want it to be(what format…etc). More to come I suppose. Project KE may have wings yet!

Frostburg State University Faculty Show

February 25, 2013

Here are a few poster drafts for the show this Friday. Come one come all.FSU-FACULTY-SHOW-2013-2nd



Project KE samples

December 22, 2012

This will most likely be the final post of 2012. Oh well, right? I feel as though this year has been a year of developing projects and working out all the nuts and bolts to a few things that could be pretty good. This is the latest sampling of that. I’ve plucked a Public Domain superhero from 1942 off of the pile and am developing him with a new origin story.


The original story has our hero killed by a German U-Boat while fishing with his grandfather. Once he dies, he is then given his specific powers and returns to Earth.  My story will take a slightly different start. The hero’s origin will start as a prisoner in KZ Dachau. I’m starting here because a few years back, I visited Dachau and have always wanted to use that experience in my work. I believe this is a perfect way to do so.


Also–the protagonist will be a self portrait. This is the only way I can be a super hero, an artist  as well as a complete narcissist, all at the same time. Happy hunting!



Sandy Hook Angel

December 16, 2012

Sandy Hook Angel


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